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Zulficar partners LAW FIRM

Asia Company installed the automated system for the libraries of the center library “KOHA” and transferred all the bibliographic data for the new system and continues to provide technical advice and technical support.


Asia has provided services to the Cairo Regional Center for International Commercial Arbitration by installing the automated system in the center’s library “KOHA” and performing all the technical operations related to the information vessels inside the library from indexing, classification and shelving The company also converted audio-visual materials from cassette video tapes to digital image in the best possible quality and produced a montage of these materials The company has installed and activated the security and protection system RFID and a link with KOHA , the automated system of the library using the technologies of UHF RFID , which works with high efficiency The KOHA library automated system has been upgraded in cooperation with ADRLE to its latest version

Nile University

Asia company, in partnership with ADRLE Company, installed the automated system for the university library “Koha” in the latest publications, training library specialists on all subsystems of the Koha system, transferring all bibliographic data from the Symphony system to Koha system, and following up the bibliographic processes