ERP NEXT System for Integrated Enterprise Management

The company provides enterprise management systems installation installation service such as ERPNext, training and development, and management consulting.

What is ERP NEXT?

ERPNext is one of the most popular open source integrated management systems available on the global market. It was started to develop in 2000 in India by WebNote to become the Umrah in the global market with more than 19 years of cumulative experiences accumulated from more than 3000 institutions in more than 150 countries.

ERPNext is an alternative to NetSuite and QAD, and similar in function to Odoo (formerly OpenERP), Tryton and Openbravo. ERPNext was included in the ERP FrontRunners List by Gartner as a Pacesetters.

Main Features

Multi Language

ERP NEXT system supports multi language, including Arabic and the following basic languages: English, French, German and Spanish.

Open Source

ERP NEXT is an open-source enterprise resource planning system. In use worldwide, its development is steered by a growing community of businesses

Web Based

ERP NEXT is web based, so there is no software to install on desktop computers

Technical Support

We provide support, installation, maintenance, development and data transfer services in the ERP NEXT system in its latest versions

General features of the system

    • Registration and management of suppliers with all their data, accounts and payments.
    • Managing all-step purchases, whether for services, products, pricelists, and supply orders.
    • Create and monitor all types of bills, payments and due dates, whether for purchases or sales.
    • Management of warehouses, personal covenant, inventories, stock movements and balances in real time.
    • Managing manufacturing and production operations and linking them to sales, purchases, stores, stages and cost of production.
    • Managing users and clients and their inquiries. Respond to them -CRM.
    • Managing and accounting the marketing operations for all products and services and managing the marketing campaigns.
    • Managing all sales steps and establishing and following up quotations for services and products.
    • Managing the tasks assigned to employees and monitoring the accomplished and suspended tasks and the capabilities of job performance analysis.
    • Managing projects, tasks, timelines and projects budgets.
    • Account management and financial analysis integrated with all other departments.
    • Human resources management, recruitment processes, salaries, attendance, leave and promotions.
    • Create and manage the institution’s website and link it to your products or services.
    • Managing and recording all internal and external correspondence and archiving all types of files.
    • Managing technical support operations, periodic maintenance and related alerts, and managing assets and their depreciation.
    • Management of construction companies and engineering projects.
    • Managing crops and agricultural lands and all steps of the agricultural courses.
    • Management of clinics, medical centers and medical records.
    • Student Affairs Administration and all operations of educational institutions.
    • A mobile application through which you can do all of the above and more on your phone anywhere and anytime.
    • You can only activate the system capabilities you want


ERPNext is a free and open-source integrated Enterprise Resource Planning software developed by Frappé Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and is built on MariaDB database system using a Python based server-side framework. ERPNext is a generic ERP software used by manufacturers, distributors and services companies.