RFID Insurance, Tracking Inventory Systems

Asia provides its customers with RFID services and applications in libraries that are characterized by the following:
Control, automation and fast data record (weight ID).
Quick inventory anytime anywhere.
Fewer human faults

Advantages of RFID Systems

The use of RFID reduces the amount of time required to perform trading operations. The most significant savings in time are due to the fact that information from RFID tags can be read much faster than barcodes and that many items in the set can be read at the same time. The collision resistance algorithm that allows an entire complete stack to be departure or check-in now is working fine.

Other time savings achieved by trading staff are modest unless RFID tags replace both EM safety strips or RF tags for older theft detection systems and library management system bar codes – that is, the system is a comprehensive RFID system that combines RFID security and material tracking in All around the library; or it is a hybrid system that uses EM for security and RFID tracking, but it deals with both simultaneously with one piece of equipment. There could be a 50 percent increase in productivity. Time savings are lower for departure rather than check-in because the time for check-out is usually extended by social interaction with beneficiaries.

Simplified Check-out / Check-in facility

For beneficiaries who use self-examination, there is a noticeable improvement because they do not need to carefully place the materials inside a specific template and can check several items at the same time. The self-registration of the beneficiary of the work is transferred to the employees. Employees feel most comfortable when readers are fixed to booklists. extended by social interaction with beneficiaries.

Main Features

High Speed Inventory

The unique advantage of RFID systems is that they can scan books on shelves without removing or removing them. The handheld inventory reader can be quickly moved over a bunch of books to read all of the unique identifying information. Using wireless technology, it is possible not only to update inventory, but also to identify items out of right order. Long life for slides

Long Life for Slides

Finally, RFID tags last longer than barcodes because there's nothing in contact with it. Most RFID vendors claim a minimum of 100,000 transactions before the tag needs to be replaced.

RFID UHF Chipset

The RFID tag is the most important link in any RFID system. It has the ability to store information related to the specific item it is attached to, and rewrite it again without any requirement for communication or nearsightedness. The data inside the tag may provide an identification of an item, verification of ownership, original storage location, loan status, and record. The RFID card consists of an integrated circuit and an integrated antenna to form a transponder. RFID tags collect power to operate from the radio frequency (RF) field from a reader, so they do not need a battery. When activated by a radio signal from a fixed position reader or portable scanner, the tag returns the information stored so that the location of the connected object can easily be located. The chip also has a ``multiple read`` function, which means that many marks can be read simultaneously. RFID tags are specifically designed to be installed in library media, including books, CDs, DVDs, and tapes.

High Reliability

  • Readers are very reliable. Modified RFID library systems claim nearly 100 percent detection using RFID tags.
  • There is no false alarm from old techniques once the RFID system is set up correctly.
  • RFID systems encode the circulatory state on the RFID tag. This is done by setting it a bit as “Stealing” (EAS) bits and turning it off at the time of check-out and at the time of check-in. If the material that is not properly logged out is output via the exit sensors, an immediate alarm is triggered.

RFID Key Benefits

No line of sight needed Check-out and check-in are allowed for several items at the same time The information directly related to the product Perform both identification and anti-theft in one operation Various shape and sizes are available Able to tag almost anything Speed up scanning and fixing